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The night before, grand father Yage encouraged me to push my artistic boundaries. The next day, while sailing through the Amazon, on the border between Colombia and Brazil, I looked at the sky with the eyes of God. I saw a huge tree, whose fruits were little kids. These kids were happily playing through the branches, while being a pure reflection of the rainbow. They were made of colors and their hearts were prisms of the sky. The jungle is a place in which kids play, being part of nature. There are no mindsets, nothing else is needed over there. These kids, little warriors, are our living reminder of how distracted we are nowadays, by superficial things that surround us in big cities.

The warriors of Arcoiris is a collection of photos by Gigi Molina, a Colombian Ethnic Photographer, shot during a Temazcal Ceremony in Amazonia.

The deep meaning of the Series is overall Sustainability, a reminder for all of Us to not be harmful to the environment and to take care of it leaving it in the best conditions for the next generation


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