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My first journey through the jungle magically brought me to this far away Amazonian reserve. I was welcomed by a group of kids. That was the very first moment I felt Sol. Her light, desired to be captured by my camera, which I call ‘tsunami of love’. Sol was the first soul that revealed to me the message of the ‘rainbow light warriors’. It was within her profound look where I found the strength and hope to carry on with my prayer, this adventure, my destiny, which is now shared by the two of us.

Sol was the first person I asked to pose in front of my lens. I have always cherished this moment and ever since I captured her image, I felt I was on the right track. I love shooting kids portraits, as they the purest and most innocent part we have left in our lives.

The warriors of Arcoiris is a collection of photos by Gigi Molina, a Colombian Ethnic Photographer, shooted during a Temazcal Ceremony in Amazonia.

The deep meaning of the Series is overall Sustainability, a reminder for all of Us to not be harmful to the environment and to take care of it leaving it in the best conditions for the next generation


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